Why DMJ Teak Furniture?
Sadewa Furniture was established in 2005, is old enough for furniture company, surely we have experienced to produce high quality product and competitive price.

How about the quality of products from DMJ Teak Furniture?
DMJ Teak Furniture produces high quality products, the teak that we use is dry. We pay attention to the connection (connection) between wood, and only use high quality EPOXY glue. Our QC staff carefully checks each product before the package. They make sure there is no damage and mistakes.

What services does Sadewa Furniture provide so you feel confident buying from us?
We guarantee every product we sell to you, what if there is damage when you receive the goods, then we will change the goods on the next shipment. Or will we change the value of money damaged goods.

How to order it?
Just mention the item code and item descretption you need, send an e-mail to us. So soon we will respond completely. You will know what the total volume and amount of money you have to pay. Everything will be answered in the e-mail to be sent.

Term of payment?
You can pay through T / T information to be found in the Terms and Conditions