The Advantages of Jepara Furniture

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teak wood

teak wood

Jepara furniture is no doubt of its quality both at home and abroad. Apart from using high quality materials such as teak wood, Jepara furniture also has a distinctive design.

With beautiful carvings, Jepara furniture is not only furniture that has a use value, but also has high artistic value. Even so, Jepara furniture craftsmen continue to innovate to bring the latest designs so as not to be out of date.

For those of you who are interested in products from Jepara furniture, let’s find out what are the advantages of Jepara furniture compared to other furniture. You must be better at choosing Jepara furniture.

1. Excellent Material in Jepara Furniture

Generally Jepara furniture uses good quality teak wood material, so its durability makes Jepara furniture superior to other furniture. Jepara furniture made from teak wood itself can survive well for up to 20 years.

In addition, teak wood in Jepara furniture is known as the best teak wood in Indonesia. The wood texture is smoother with sharp fibers, and the colors are more uniform.

Jepara furniture is also comfortable to use because it is sturdy and proportionate. Even though the price of Jepara furniture is relatively higher, you get quality that is commensurate and classy.

2. Jepara Furniture Is More Durable

Teak wood in Jepara furniture has the best quality than teak wood produced in other countries. Teak from Indonesia is known to be more sturdy and durable than teak from other countries, such as India, Myanmar, Thailand, or the Philippines. Because its durability can reach decades, many collectors are interested in collecting Jepara furniture. Even the older the Jepara furniture, the higher the value.

Material used in a furniture can affect the quality and price. For example, those made from wood usually have high resistance because they are made of solid wood.

3. Water Resistant and Termite Attack

The biggest challenge of wooden furniture is water resistance and insects such as termites and moths. However, teak wood in Jepara furniture has a natural oil content that makes Jepara furniture more resistant to water and termite attack. You do not need to be confused looking for ways to eradicate termites again.

This causes Jepara furniture to be placed outside the house such as a terrace or garden. The quality of Jepara furniture is not easy to decline because of the weather.

4. Look elegant and classy

The whole process of making Jepara furniture is carried out to a high standard. Starting from the selection of materials, cutting, production, until the final results are done well and thoroughly. No wonder Jepara furniture is so elegant compared to other furniture products.

The natural wood color from Jepara furniture is very beautiful when combined with interior styles and other furniture. The advantages of a neutral wood color is able to balance the atmosphere of the room.


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